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Appealing The Assessment

Are you running a business and looking to reduce overhead expenses? At Robinson & Robinson, LLC, we can help you decrease one of your greatest expenses: real estate taxes on commercial property. We do this by appealing the assessment made on the value of your commercial property.

We consult with professional appraisers who can provide the credible evidence you need to present to the County Board of Taxation for your appeal. They have access to comparable commercial properties and county-wide tax records.

Get Help Reducing One Of Your Greatest Expenses

When you are running a business, your job as the owner is to reduce expenses as much as you can to help increase profits. One of the major expenses of a business is your real estate tax on a commercial building.

For a successful commercial tax appeal, the business must prove that an error has been made in the tax assessment comparable to a market value standard, and the current assessment that you are appealing is unreasonable, excessive or discriminatory.

A fair assessment determining true market value of the commercial property to be taxed is based on a statutory formula. Taxes are the result of each county’s local budget process and property values are determined based on upper- and lower-limit ratio formula calculations.

We can help you prove to the tax board that there is a more appropriate market value for your commercial property by supplying:

  • Persuasive and credible evidence supported by facts
  • Any special circumstances
  • Evidence of recent sales of comparably similar commercial properties

Deadlines for appeals are generally April 1 and May 1 of each year, depending on the county where your commercial property is located.

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Talk to us about evaluating your property in New Jersey for a real estate tax appeal to increase your profitability. At Robinson & Robinson, LLC, our lawyers have a successful track record of appealing commercial property assessments and reducing real estate tax bills.

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