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Do you need to work with a criminal defense attorney?

You were with a group of friends when you all decided that you could steal from a neighboring store. You didn't think anything of it because if you were caught, you knew that the owner was kind and wouldn't likely press charges.

What you didn't know was that one of your friends had a gun. During the theft, they held up the owner, which was never part of the plan. Needless to say, the cops did end up coming to the scene, and you were all arrested. You're now part of a much bigger criminal event as an accessory to the crime, and you're facing charges for your alleged actions. What should you do?

Elderly New Jersey residents may fall victim to loan flipping

Many Millville-area residents have lived in their homes for decades. If you have an aging parent, his or her home is likely a valuable asset. Still, predatory lending may rob your father or mother of equity before he or she realizes that there is a problem. Loan predators often target elderly residents with loan flipping. 

Loan flipping occurs when someone induces a homeowner into refinancing a mortgage without any tangible benefit to the homeowner. Fortunately, the New Jersey Home Ownership Security Act of 2002 expressly prohibits loan flipping. While New Jersey law offers some protection for homeowners, it does not specifically define “tangible benefit.” 

5 killed, many injured in crash involving New Jersey bus

When you take public transportation, your hope is that the driver knows what they're doing and will take steps to keep you and other passengers safe. Unfortunately, bus crashes do happen.

Take, for example, this case involving a bus that was coming from New Jersey that flipped over on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The driver was on a downhill grade when they were unable to successfully navigate a corner. This resulted in the bus heading up an embankment and rolling over. It then went on to be struck by two tractor-trailers. Two other vehicles became involved when they hit the two tractor-trailers as well.

Hate crimes on the increase in New Jersey

A news article out of New Jersey has shown that there has been an increase in the number of hate crimes throughout the state. Hate crimes are one of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI's) highest priorities, which makes an accusation of being part of any hate crime very serious business.

Hate crimes have a significant impact on families and businesses. They are traditional offenses and are typically identified as arson, vandalism or murder with any kind of element of bias. For example, the hate crime could be against African Americans, Muslims, disabled individuals or women.

Get help after you're involved in a pedestrian crash

You were walking across the street in your neighborhood when a driver suddenly pulled out of their driveway and backed straight into you. The next thing you remember, you were waking up inside an ambulance with the paramedics monitoring your vital signs.

Upon arrival to the hospital, you had to have surgery for a serious brain bleed, and you were left with broken bones throughout your body. You have a neck brace, casts and other medical tools keeping everything in place.

Remember to update your beneficiaries in your estate plan

When you are talking to your attorney about your estate, there are some things that you may or may not want. For example, you might want to set up a trust, but you may not want to set up guardianship for minors if you don't have children.

Part of working with the right attorney is so they can help you weed out each section of an estate plan that you don't need as well as to help you understand what you do want to include.

As a landlord, you want to select the best tenants

Whether you own multiple apartment buildings or a single home that you rent out, you want to choose tenants whom you feel would be the most responsible.

In some states, this is not always possible, as illustrated by a new ordinance in Seattle. Fortunately, New Jersey laws still protect the rights of landlords to choose the tenants they prefer.

Auto crashes can cause serious eye injuries that need rapid care

Of the injuries that you could suffer, some of the worst are those to your eyes. When you can't see or are left waiting to find out if your sight will return, it's a frustrating situation.

Eye injuries are relatively common in car accidents, though they're not talked about as often as some other kinds of injuries. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) states that crashes are among the leading causes of eye injuries in the U.S. each year. Around 9,200 eye injuries happen annually as a result of collisions.

3 Problem tenants you need to anticipate

If you're the proud new owner of a multi-unit apartment building or rental complex, you have every reason to be excited about your future prospects. Property is, after all, a great way to build longstanding wealth.

Unfortunately, being a landlord sometimes has its drawbacks. Sooner or later, just about every landlord encounters these three particular "problem" tenants:

Vineland glass firms Corning, Gerresheimer talk real estate - Daily Journal Article

Written by: Joseph P. Smith, Vineland Daily Journal 

VINELAND - Industrial property lines along Crystal Avenue are being redrawn to facilitate a possible sale of land from Gerresheimer Glass Inc. to Corning Pharmaceutical Glass.

Corning received approval from the Vineland Planning Board on Wednesday night to redraw the borders of three lots along the avenue. No construction or any physical changes are entailed, according to testimony.

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