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Get help if you plan to make a personal injury claim

Any time an accident happens, a victim can face a precarious financial situation. They may have to spend money on medical care, may miss work and have other losses as a result of another driver's negligent actions.

When that's the case, a victim has a right to examine their legal options, including pursing compensation from the person responsible for their injuries.

Franklin police report scam that could affect renters

Of the things that you have to beware of in real estate, one of the situations that could hurt you is a real estate scam.

One such scam has affected residents in Franklin, according to police. In this case, an alleged realtor has been asking for a $50 gift card when applying for a particular rental property, which is usually promoted on a classified ad site. The properties are being listed at only $600 a month.

Estate plan considerations for parents

Parents strive to protect and provide for their children as much as possible. A proper estate plan can aid in accomplishing this, even when a parent is gone.

To do this, parents must have the right elements within their estate plans. Whether a new parent or a parent of a growing family, a few aspects of the estate plan deserve consideration.

Third-degree burns can lead to serious complications

Car crashes can cause a number of different injuries, but one kind of injury that isn't discussed often is a burn. Burns are possible during car crashes. A car might catch on fire, or a chemical could spill into the vehicle as a result of the collision. There are many ways that fires can occur, and those fires can lead to burn injuries that have the potential to be life-threatening or deadly.

There are several degrees of burns that can affect a person, but the most significant are third-degree burns. These are also known as full-thickness burns. They affect everything from the skin down to the bone. Third-degree burns may leave a victim with white or blacked skin. Ironically, the severity of this burn means that the victim may feel little or no pain at all.

Get help when you're charged with a drug crime

Drug-related crimes are taken seriously in the United States, which is part of the reason why it's so imperative to have a defense if you're accused of possessing drugs. A single act of possession can quickly add up to accusations of intending to distribute or give away drugs to minors or others, resulting in higher potential penalties.

If you are charged with possession, your attorney should be informed right away. They'll be able to start working on the case and determine if there are particular defenses that would be most beneficial to you. Some will focus on procedural errors, while others will use affirmative defenses to get you the best outcome. What works for you will only be able to be determined after looking at the facts of your case.

3 life events that require a review of your estate plan

Estate planning may not seem too important at first, but as you get older, certain changes in your life make it more essential. The more you can prepare yourself, the better off you leave your loved ones after your passing.

A solid estate plan is critical. The earlier you draft one, the better; however, if you insist on waiting for benchmarks, these three events necessitate a creation or review of your final wishes.

What are real estate contingencies?

Real estate contracts are an important part of the sale of a home. A home sale contract is created when you decide to purchase a particular home and the seller has accepted your offer.

Within this contract are a number of contingencies. The contingencies must be met before the home's purchase can be completed.

Understand zoning and get the right property

Zoning is an important way to divide land in a municipality into specific zones for residential areas, commercial areas and others. Zoning laws can be very specific, creating locations for utility lines, adding restrictions on accessory buildings or even limiting the number of rooms in a property.

Nearly every major urban area in the United States has zoning laws, which is important for you to understand if you plan to open a business and buy property. The property you choose needs to be zoned for commercial purposes, and it may need to have other planning permissions before you can set up your business.

Making a valid will in New Jersey

Writing a will is a vital step in preparing for the disbursement of your assets after you die. In New Jersey, a will allows you, the testator, to provide for beneficiaries after your death. You may use a will to leave property to your spouse, children, family members and friends. 

But it is crucial to create your will according to the law and best practices. If you do not properly write and execute your will, it may lead to disputes and confusion for your heirs. Here are some legal requirements and general tips for making a will in the Garden State.

A lawsuit could help you get the compensation you deserve

Personal injuries come in all forms. One person might have broken bones from falling down concrete steps at a local library. Another person might have whiplash from getting involved in a rear-end collision. Every injury is different, and every victim deserves to receive treatment that will help them recover.

One problem occurs when the person or facility that caused them harm does not have appropriate insurance coverage. Whether that means not carrying insurance at all or not having enough coverage to provide the compensation the individual needs, it's a major problem for the victim.

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