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Ensuring Freedom From Liens

Whenever property is conveyed from a seller to a buyer, the buyer must make sure he or she is taking a marketable title. This means that the title to the property is free from any sort of lien or judgment.

When you purchase title insurance, the policy guarantees the title to your property will be cleared before closing. If a defect to the title arises afterward, the title company will bear the cost of asserting your defense to ownership.

Title insurance is to cover your home purchase and mortgage loan if any of the following contests to the rightful ownership of your home should arise after your purchase:

  • Challenges to ownership
  • Unknown liens
  • Existing encumbrances
  • Unknown recording errors
  • Fraudulent claims

It is imperative to obtain title insurance to protect the title to your home.

Title Insurance Is Critical To Property Ownership

Title insurance is an important part of your home purchase. As part of our comprehensive real estate representation, we can provide a streamlined review of your title insurance policy.

Our attorneys are experienced with the fine details of New Jersey real estate which is essential to a sound title insurance policy. If you are facing a breach of the policy, you can trust our attorneys to investigate, negotiate and litigate to ensure that your rights under your title insurance policy are fulfilled.

Get Help For Your Title Insurance Matters

At Robinson & Robinson, LLC, our attorneys have helped clients successfully navigate title insurance difficulties. We have decades of experience helping our clients understand and uphold their policies.

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