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What to do after a slip and fall at a business

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2018 | Uncategorized

When you walk into a store or restaurant, you expect the premises to be safe. However, every year, thousands of people sustain injuries after falling, many times due to someone else’s negligence. One study the National Floor Safety Institute reported on found that approximately 30 percent of all people over the age of 65 will slip and fall in a given year. 10 percent of these slip and fall incidents result in serious injuries. 

You may feel disoriented after falling inside a business. However, it is paramount you follow these steps in case your incident ends up in court. 

Get medical help

Some slip and falls will be more hazardous than others. You may feel fine after the event, but it is still a good idea to see a doctor. You want to get yourself checked out to ensure no hidden injuries lurk beneath the surface. 

Report the incident to an employee

You need to make the business owner aware of what happened. Find a nearby employee and inform him or her of what transpired. The business should have a policy in place for what to do, and you may need to fill out a report. However, you need to read any documents the business owner gives you. Some entrepreneurs will try to get you to sign away your ability to sue the company later. 

Document all pertinent details

You need to write down all relevant details, such as what caused the slip and fall to occur. Take note of any contributing factors. For example, if you slipped due to a wet floor and there was no “Wet Floor” sign present, that is an important detail that will help your case. You should also speak with any witnesses who saw the fall take place. 

Decline to give any statements

You want to remain calm at the scene and not make an outburst. You also do not want to say anything to the owner of the property other than the fact you fell. You should avoid saying anything like, “I feel fine” because the owner could use the statement as evidence against you later.

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