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On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2019 | Personal Injury

Personal injuries come in all forms. One person might have broken bones from falling down concrete steps at a local library. Another person might have whiplash from getting involved in a rear-end collision. Every injury is different, and every victim deserves to receive treatment that will help them recover.

One problem occurs when the person or facility that caused them harm does not have appropriate insurance coverage. Whether that means not carrying insurance at all or not having enough coverage to provide the compensation the individual needs, it’s a major problem for the victim.

Victims deserve to have their medical care paid for. They deserve to receive their lost wages and to be compensated for what they’ve been through. If the other party doesn’t have insurance, it becomes harder to get that compensation, but it’s not impossible.

What should you do if the person who hurt you doesn’t have insurance?

Your attorney will talk to you about your own insurance coverage as well as starting a personal injury lawsuit against the other party. Even if they don’t have insurance, you can still have the court hold them liable through a ruling in your favor. That way, you can still get the compensation you need, even if it’s coming from their paychecks.

Our site has more on personal injuries and what you can do if you find yourself injured at the hands of another party. With the right assistance, you can fight for the fair compensation that you deserve and focus on your recovery without having to worry about your finances.

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