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The first offer from an insurer might not be the best offer

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2020 | Firm News

You probably didn’t wake up the morning of your accident planning to get injured, but now it’s a reality. While there may be an insurance policy in place that’s supposed to offer support, getting that help may be harder than you think.

Accidents send nearly 30 million people to the emergency room every year. Whatever the reason, that visit is likely going to come with big bills and long recovery times. Insurance can step in for this very reason, but just because a policy exists doesn’t mean they’re eager to fork over the money you need on the first go-round.

Recovery options

Insurance companies might perform their due diligence to come up with a number that they think accurately reflects just how much money you get, but that doesn’t automatically make it right. There is room for you to state your case and influence their offer, but you’ll need to be aware of when that amount might not meet your expectations:

  • Tallying up: It’s unlikely that you’ll know the full scope of your costs immediately following the accident. Make sure you know the extent of your injuries what treatments you’ll require. A settlement from the insurer often comes with paperwork releasing them from further obligations.
  • Rounding out: Though you may get a quick handle on how bad your injuries are, those aren’t the only things that qualify for compensation. You’ll have to look at missed wages from work and anguish from factors like grief and depression for the full picture of recovery.
  • Starting low: Even with all the evidence on the table, the insurance company could be looking to clear a case off their docket as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Their first offer may not be where it should be, and it could take some negotiation to get the number higher.

Getting the help you need may not come straight away. Knowing how to craft the strongest possible claim when speaking with the insurance company could make all the difference in your recovery.

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