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Woman arrested on drug charges after falling asleep while parked

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2020 | Criminal Defense

In Millville and the surrounding areas, being arrested for drug allegations can cause many challenges in a person’s life. In addition to the potential for jail time and fines, it can also negatively impact the attempt to get certain jobs and result in other unexpected ramifications. Understanding the charges and considering the available options is a fundamental aspect of crafting a strong defense. A woman who was recently arrested for drug possession should be cognizant of the avenues of defense she may be able to use.

Woman sleeping in car found to have drugs

A 47-year-old woman was arrested on drug charges after law enforcement officers found her sleeping in her car. She was parked in a McDonald’s parking lot at around 1:30 a.m. when officers arrived to check on her well-being. The vehicle did not have license plates. As officers investigated, they searched the vehicle and discovered marijuana and heroin. Since she had approximately 40 grams of heroin, she was charged with intent to distribute and possession. The woman was released from custody and will need to appear once she is given a court date.

Addressing drug charges may hinge on an effective defense

Any arrest for drug charges can result in serious penalties. If there are charges for distribution of drugs like heroin, it is possible that the person will face an extended incarceration and other consequences. Still, there are ways to defend against these charges and reach a satisfactory outcome.

A plea deal could be an agreeable alternative to avoid a trial and the chance of a conviction. There could be problems with the search and the evidence might not be admissible. Or the person might be given the opportunity to have treatment for personal issues in lieu of punishment. No matter the situation, it is beneficial to have an experienced legal team to provide a strong defense. Before doing or saying anything to potentially make the situation worse, consulting with a law firm experienced in all areas of criminal defense is a wise decision.


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