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Real estate brokers may need a full range of legal services

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Real Estate

There are many people in southern New Jersey who make their living as real estate brokers. Being a broker can be rewarding, both financially and personally, especially if a person has an interest in homes or commercial buildings.

However, brokers also have to navigate through a lot of different murky legal problems. Some of them are more routine than others, but all of them require careful handling.

A broker also takes a significantly greater legal risk that an unhappy customer, a government agency or someone else who may make a legal claim against them.

In short, real estate brokers in New Jersey may find themselves needing a range of legal services to keep their business stable and profitable.

Real estate transactions involve many legal requirements 

Any real estate transaction is going to involve a number of legal requirements and transactions. At its core, a purchase agreement is a legally binding contract that confers rights and responsibilities.

Likewise, many documents related to a closing, including any loan documents or nontraditional financing, might require a legal review.

To the extent that they are involved, brokers should make sure that the documents they are using or providing to their customers are clearly and properly drafted.

Brokers may have to deal with other areas of business law

Managing brokers and principal brokers may also have the added task of running their business. This will involve some basics of business organization law and other issues.

If the broker hires even one employee, they will also need to make sure they understand the applicable federal and New Jersey employment laws.

Litigation is always a possibility

While no real estate broker wants to have to go through a court proceeding, sometimes doing so is ultimately in the broker’s best business interest. The broker will want to understand their rights and options during a lawsuit.

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