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Some common types of business insurance

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2023 | Firm News

Opening and running your own business in New Jersey is exciting and comes with many benefits, as there is often nothing better than working for yourself.

You have many decisions to make when you open your business, and one of them is if you should purchase business insurance, and if so, what type.

Why you need business insurance

Business insurance is essential for any business, no matter the size. Good business insurance protects you against unexpected events that can cost your business quite a bit.

Natural disasters, robberies, or sudden accidents are just some examples of the unanticipated costs of running a business. Having to pay out of pocket for just one of these occurrences could cause your entire business to fail.

There are several different types of business insurance to choose from, and which one is best for you depends on the type of business you have.

Product, professional liability and property insurance

Product liability insurance is a good idea if your business produces products. This insurance protects you if one of your products is defective and causes someone harm.

Alternatively, if your business is service-oriented, professional liability insurance might be right for you. This type of insurance protects you against claims of professional malpractice, negligence or other errors related to the service you provide.

Commercial property insurance can cover your business property if it is damaged or destroyed. The costs of fire damage, weather damage, theft or vandalism are the types of events that a commercial property insurance policy can protect you against.

Home-based business insurance

Many business owners today run their businesses out of their homes and there is a type of insurance made for this situation. A home-based business insurance policy is insurance coverage usually added as a rider to a homeowner’s insurance policy.

Another good option if you own and run a home-based business is a business owner’s policy.

This policy combines several common coverage options into one package. It could be a good option if you are looking for something efficient and simple. You have the security of knowing that you have some coverage for a wide variety of different events.

General liability policy

As with a business owner’s policy, if you prefer a broader type of policy rather than a policy that focuses only on specific events, a general liability policy might be best for you.

A general liability policy is a good idea for any type of business, regardless of the size, products or services that it offers.

This policy protects you against financial losses from many different things, including injury, property damage, defamation claims and even if you must defend yourself in a lawsuit.

The right insurance depends on your business

Choosing the right type of business insurance is not a decision that should be made lightly. The right insurance policy can mean the difference between your business’s ultimate success or failure.
You may have many questions and feel overwhelmed by the variety of options. Talking over your business needs and goals with a trusted professional can help you choose the right insurance for your business.

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