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What to consider when buying a business in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2023 | Business Law

Some prefer to purchase an existing business instead of forming a venture from the ground up. It might be exciting since these businesses for sale already have assets supporting their operations, such as a client base, performance data and other resources.

However, this option might require extensive effort when doing due diligence before the purchase. If a business is for sale, it could be wise to investigate any debts and other liabilities that might cause issues after closing the deal.

Before finalizing the transaction, it is best to consider the following:

  • Business value based on the inventory of assets: Aside from intellectual properties, it is vital to organize any physical assets, such as furniture, equipment and facilities necessary to conduct operations.
  • Reviewing compliance according to zoning requirements and permits: These documents are essential to ensure the business can run smoothly and legitimately without legal issues.
  • Other paperwork and loan details: This information includes leases, contracts, employment setups and any loans to other parties.
  • The business’ reputation and connections: Research about its past can reveal a lot, especially concerning its image and relationship with customers, suppliers and vendors.
  • All relevant records and paperwork spanning at least the past five years: These details can give a good notion of how the business ran, contributing to its value and performance.
  • Other necessary procedures, including reporting bulk sale: These transactions could vary, depending on the assets that come with the business.

Reviewing these considerations is necessary but often requires much work and effort.

Making the right decision

Some might get caught up in the excitement of buying a business, making them regret the decision long after the purchase. It could be a huge decision, requiring tedious procedures and negotiations. There is no guarantee of success, but seeking legal counsel and doing due diligence properly can help any buyer make the right choice.

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