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How to choose a real estate agent

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2016 | Uncategorized

When you buy or sell a home or another property, you rely on the advice and services offered by a number of professionals. One of the most vital of these is the realtor you choose to work with. Selecting a trustworthy real estate agent is vital to the success of your transaction, so you should pay attention to a few key details while considering candidates. The following four criteria can help you find the right realtor for your needs.

Area of specialization

There are many different kinds of real estate transactions, which means there are realtors with many different areas of specialization. Do not make the mistake of choosing a one-size-fits-all real estate professional when you can partner with an agent whose expertise aligns with the type of deal you will be entering. If you desire a commercial property, hiring a realtor who sells boutique homes will likely not be the best match.

Feedback from clients

Another great way to determine whether a realtor is right for you is to look at the feedback he or she has received from previous clients. This is easier than ever with the advent of online review resources where you can look for your realtor’s name and read detailed reviews from former customers. Pay attention to the information each review includes and use it to judge whether a realtor will be a good match for your needs.

Portfolio of deals

If you are in doubt, another way to gauge the qualifications of a realtor is to ask to see a portfolio. A realtor should show you a portfolio of career highlights, and this may give you a better idea of the work she or he typically does and a general performance level. This is an especially good idea if you are looking to deal with high profile real estate that requires a realtor with additional expertise.

Weigh credentials and experience

In addition to the aforementioned criteria, you should always assess a professional’s credentials and experience prior to entering an agreement. For a real estate agent, you may do so by verifying a license and its history to gather the qualifications of your potential realtor. This, as well as all the previously mentioned tips, can help you find a professional capable and qualified to assist with all your real estate needs.

If you need further assistance with a real estate transaction or dispute, there are resources available. An attorney can help you decide the next step.

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