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What injuries can you expect following a motorcycle crash?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | Personal Injury

When you’re on a motorcycle, it’s a lot of fun. You feel the breeze on your body, and it’s a much more adrenaline-inducing activity than driving a typical passenger vehicle. There are risks, though.

The problem with motorcycle crashes is that they usually result in serious wounds to the riders. These are three common injuries that happen after a motorcycle crash.

1. Road rash

Road rash is a kind of friction burn. Mild cases may scrape a few skin layers off, which causes bleeding but no permanent damage other than the potential for scarring and infection. Moderate forms may start to impact muscle, while severe road rash may actually cause an injury so serious that it exposes bone.

2. Broken bones

Bones breaking on impact is fairly common in motorcycle crashes. The legs often get broken due to victims who try to land on their feet. Other commonly broken bones are the ribs and those in the lower body.

3. Head trauma

Head trauma isn’t just a concussion. It could include other things such as a skull fracture or bleed on the brain. A significant brain injury can result in disability or death, so it’s necessary to get treatment rapidly. To avoid a serious head injury on a motorcycle, remember to wear your helmet every time you ride.

These are a few injuries that could occur in a motorcycle crash. Be aware, and you can make the decision about whether or not riding a motorcycle is right for you. If you get hurt by a driver, you’ll always retain the right to pursue a claim.

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