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What can you do if a tenant damages your property?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Landlord Representation

When you have a tenant who is damaging your property, you might want to start looking into eviction and other legal options. You want to guarantee that the property you are renting out will be left in good condition. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing money despite all the rent you’ve collected.

The goal of every landlord is to find a tenant who is respectful of the space. Without that, the tenant could end up costing them more than they’re worth. In addition to the money needed for repairs, you may not be able to rent the space for a time while those repairs are made.

What should you do if a tenant is damaging your property?

If you witness a tenant damaging your property or you have video or other evidence, it’s a good idea to call the police and also to get your attorney involved. You may be able to get the tenant evicted for violating the terms of the lease or rental agreement. This contract can help you remove the tenant and later bring a claim against them for the damage they’ve caused.

Unfortunately, some people have no concern for the value of another person’s property. They may even forget that it’s not theirs. You don’t have to let someone else get away with all the damage they’ve caused. Your attorney will be able to give you more information about what you can do — and if possible help you work to quickly evict a tenant and have them removed from the property before they cause any further damage to it.

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