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Why rural roads are more of a safety threat to drivers

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Blog, Personal Injury

New Jersey drivers may not be aware of this, but rural roads are more dangerous than urban roads. There are several reasons for this, starting with the fact that most drivers are not as familiar with traveling rural roads. They may have a false idea of what it entails, too.

So, for instance, many drivers think that rural roads are safer because there is less traffic. They also assume that law enforcement officers will be scarce. As a result, they may feel justified in speeding, going down the middle of a two-lane road and not wearing their seatbelt. They may even drive while intoxicated and think they will do no one harm.

Rural roads tend to have narrower lanes and are normally not well-lit with some even lacking traffic lights. Animals will more frequently cross rural roads, too. All of these contribute to the danger. Another thing to remember is that even when drivers are acting responsibly, they may be in a crash with another driver who was being presumptuous and reckless. As always, defensive driving is key.

Lastly, rural areas can be far from any hospitals and medical centers. Car accident victims, then, must wait longer for medical care, and so their chances of dying from the crash become higher.

Those who survive a car accident and who find out that the other driver was at fault may pursue a personal injury case but only in certain situations since New Jersey is a no-fault state. A third-party insurance claim can cover a lot more, including non-economic damages like pain and suffering, so those who are wondering if they can file one may want to see a lawyer. The lawyer may bring in crash investigators to gather proof of negligence and medical experts to determine the extent of injuries.

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