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Company’s real estate project hampered by environmental concerns

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2020 | Real Estate

Businesses seeking to build and expand in New Jersey do so with the goal of fostering improvement to their own bottom line and hopefully helping the community in which they are building. Even with the positive aspects of a commercial project, there will undoubtedly be areas of disagreement that must be handled. Such issues as land use and zoning frequently come to the forefront. Locals may be worried about a negative impact on the environment. For companies confronted with these challenges, it is important to have legal assistance to navigate the complex terrain.

Dispute over proposal to build auto storage and auction facility continues

A company that has applied to build a facility to store and auction automobiles is embroiled in a dispute over its construction. Locals are fearful that the project will cause damage to the environment. For its part, the company says it will benefit the community economically and there are safeguards it is implementing to shield the environment from damage. Another potential problem is the lack of compliance with the local zoning rules.

There was a hearing before the land use board, but its time elapsed after three hours. It is set to continue in October. The plan is to build a structure of nearly 13,000 square feet. In addition, a septic system and well will be installed. They also plan to improve the landscaping by planting trees. It is expected to provide employment for as many as 30 people. Still, locals are worried about how the project will hurt the environment and their neighborhood. One major fear is fluids leaking from the vehicles. The company says spills are addressed in its plan. There may be up to 3,000 vehicles on the site with 80 sold each day. The township could generate nearly $400,000 annually from the business.

Legal help can smooth real estate and zoning issues

With any large-scale project, there are legal hurdles to overcome. Many of these are related to getting proper permits and adhering to zoning laws. There may be fears on the part of residents as to how the project can impact them. To ensure that the project has a good chance of coming together as planned, it is imperative to adhere to the law and have assistance in reaching full compliance. Presenting the case is a straightforward manner and showing how the law will be followed may be essential. For these and other considerations, a firm experienced in business real estate and zoning may be able to help.


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