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Motorcycle rider loses leg in collision with automobile

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2021 | Personal Injury

Motorcycle fans seem willing to ignore the risks of their hobby in exchange for the feeling of riding free as the wind. Unhappily, when a motorcycle collides with another motor vehicle, the driver of the motorcycle usually suffers a severe or even fatal injury while the operator of the other motor vehicle suffers only minor injuries. This tragic disparity was again demonstrated by a recent head on collision between a motorcycle and a sedan near Toms River.

The accident

According to police reports of the accident, the motorcyclist was headed east on Route 70 near Toms River. He had a green light when a car attempted to make a left turn in front of him. The two vehicles collided, and the motorcyclist suffered severe injuries to his leg. Several bystanders attempted to aid the injured cyclist before the police arrived. One officer applied two tourniquets to the cyclist’s leg before first responders arrived, and the tourniquets were credited with helping to save the cyclist’s life.

The cyclist was flown to a nearby hospital for treatment of his injuries. Media reports are unclear about where the amputation took place, but the most likely place is the hospital. No one at the accident site would have had the proper equipment to amputate the leg. As is typical in such accidents, the driver of the automobile suffered only minor injuries that were treated at the accident scene.

What next?

The driver of the automobile was charged with failure to yield at an intersection, reckless driving, and operating an unregistered vehicle. These charges would appear to place the largest share and perhaps all of the fault for the accident on the driver of the automobile. Given the severity and permanence of his injuries, the motorcycle operator will have a substantial claim for damages.

Anyone who has suffered a serious injury under similar circumstances may wish to consider a suit for damages against the party at fault. A consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney can provide a helpful evaluation of the evidence and legal arguments to support the claim.


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