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Common causes of car accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2022 | Personal Injury

Car accidents are considered one of the primary concerns by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because of how common they are and because of the damages and harm they can do to victims. It is helpful for car accident victims to be familiar with the common causes of car accidents and the personal injury protections available to them.

  • Driver inattention and driver distraction: Driver inattention results in car accidents, injuries and fatalities. There are three categories of driver distraction including visual distraction, manual distraction and cognitive distraction. Most types of driver distraction fall into one or more categories of distraction. Texting while driving is especially dangerous and falls into all three categories.
  • Driver fatigue and drowsiness: Driver fatigue is as dangerous as driving under the influence. Unfortunately, Americans suffer from chronic sleep deprivation which can make them dangerous behind the wheel when they drive while drowsy.
  • Driving under the influence: Between one-quarter and one-third of car accidents each year involve drunk driving or drugged driving. Driving while impaired is exceptionally dangerous driving behavior.
  • Speeding: Studies have shown that two-thirds of drivers speed while driving. Speeding increases the chances of injuries and death when car accidents take place.

Car accidents can be caused by negligent drivers in a variety of different ways. A personal injury claim for damages can help hold a negligent driver accountable for the damages they had caused the victim. This can include help with physical, financial and emotional damages victims may need following a car accident.


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