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Are zoning issues impacting your real estate transaction?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Real Estate

Buyers and sellers of real estate in New Jersey have plenty of concerns. So do renters. When it comes to real estate issues, challenges can come from every angle. Zoning issues can be of particular concern if you have a certain use in mind for your real estate, or for the real estate you intend to purchase or rent.

Are zoning issues impacting your real estate transaction? If so, it is likely because the zoning designation for the real estate in question is not what you need it to be. A residential zoning designation, for example, is obviously for housing, such as single-family homes, condos and apartments. Commercial zoning, on the other hand, is for business use and can oftentimes include everything from restaurants to shopping malls, among other uses.

There are many other zoning designations too, like industrial, agricultural, rural or mixed use. If you do not know the restrictions that come with your particular zoning designation, you could run into problems if you start to use your real estate in a manner that leads to a violation of the zoning laws in your area.

Understanding your options

If you are facing zoning issues, you may have options to consider that may resolve the problems. For example, a variance is permission granted by the local zoning authority to use real estate within a particular zoning area in a way that normally wouldn’t be permitted in the area in question. But, you need to go through the proper process to request a variance. You may have other options to consider too. Understanding your options and following the right process is the key to attempting to overcome zoning issues in New Jersey.

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