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How to resolve partnership disputes when they arise

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2022 | Business Law

Starting a business in New Jersey can certainly be exciting and fast-paced, but there are some aspects to running a business that can only be managed through careful planning. For a partnership, it is essential to have a well-crafted partnership agreement early in the process of running the business.

Starting a partnership

One way that people may start their business is through forming a partnership with a friend, family member, professional colleague, co-worker or others whom they know on a personal level.

This can make going to work fun and enjoyable, but given the dynamics between the personal relationships and the business relationships, disputes can arise.

There are many reasons for partnership disputes. It could be perceptions about which partner is providing more for the business or disputes about business strategies moving forward. Whatever the dispute is, if it is not resolved quickly and effectively, it can grow to ruin the business.

Tips for resolving partnership disputes

There are ways that partners can prevent that from occurring though by taking the appropriate steps to resolve them. It is important that the partners have a well-written partnership agreement tailored to the specific needs of the business.

A well-written partnership agreement will clearly state the responsibilities and obligations of each partner. It will also state compensation for each partner as well as the financial contributions of each partner.

It should also have a procedure in place for how decisions will be made and a process for how they will resolve disputes. Finally, they should also state how each partner can leave the partnership and what happens if they do leave.

Clear communication

Partners also need to have regular communication about the business. They need to discuss concerns that one partner may have and clearly communicate how they will address the concerns. They also need to discuss disputes early on so they can resolve them easier. If they cannot resolve them on their own they may also want to use a mediator or another trusted neutral to help them work through the dispute.

Practicing these tips will help partnerships in New Jersey resolve many of their disputes, but it may not help them resolve all. If the disputes are too great to overcome, there may even be litigation between the partners to enforce their rights.

Experienced attorneys understand the different disputes that can arise in partnerships and may be able to help people work through them.

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