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DUIs are the biggest factor in New Jersey auto accident deaths

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2023 | Injuries, Personal Injury

Part of determining how to make the New Jersey roads safer from auto accidents is by analyzing how and why they happen. The numbers take time to accrue and the latest information from the New Jersey State Police is for 2021.

Despite the time lapse from then to 2023, the numbers show worrisome trends. People heading out should have a basic knowledge of what to look for to try and maintain safety. When there is an accident, they should also have professional help.

Drunk and drugged drivers caused many of New Jersey’s fatal collisions

The numbers for 2021 show that the highest number of fatal crashes in the Garden State were due to drivers who were drunk or on drugs. Notably, this was the first time in 10 years that other factors surpassed distracted driving as a cause of fatal accidents.

For 2021, nearly 700 people were killed on state roads. There were 218 pedestrians killed that year. This was the third consecutive year in which accidents and fatalities were on the rise. In 210 of the crashes in which a person was killed, it was found that drivers who were under the influence was the main factor. This was 30% higher than in 2020.

It is now possible to categorize whether those involved had been using cannabis or alcohol prior to the accident. This includes drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Cannabis was detected in 91 drivers, 23 pedestrians and two bicyclists. This is important as cannabis is increasingly legalized and accepted.

Just like alcohol, people should not use it before driving. Often, people are using both alcohol and drugs before getting behind the wheel. Another challenge is that many drivers do not believe that drugged driving is as risky as alcohol-impaired driving.

Regarding the cause of accidents, after impaired driving came distracted driving. Then came pedestrians who made mistakes such as crossing in the middle of the road or ignoring traffic signals. Next was speeding followed by drivers not adhering to the right of way.

Help in deducing the cause of an accident can be key to a case

This information justifies growing concerns about road safety. As cannabis has been legalized, the number of drivers who are high has been spiking. This, combined with alcohol, distractions, speeding and other dangerous behaviors has led to more auto accidents.

When there is a crash, people need to know how it happened. This can be a key part of moving forward with a legal claim to recover compensation for all that was lost. Having representation that can investigate the accident and accrue evidence can be helpful with a successful outcome.

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