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Why do I need a lawyer when creating an estate plan?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Estate Planning

An estate plan can help give your loved ones some peace of mind after you pass on. It can help prevent conflicts over your assets and ensure that those you leave behind, such as your young children, have someone who will care for them in your stead.

Many people seek the assistance of lawyers to ensure that their estate plans are complete and legally enforceable. Here are other ways a lawyer can help.

Creating your will

A lawyer can assist you in creating an inventory of your assets and ensure that these are transferrable to your intended beneficiaries. They can also help ensure your will adheres to the latest statutes and requirements.

Managing tax

Your lawyer can help you find ways to minimize or avoid estate taxes altogether, which could ease the financial burden on your beneficiaries later.

Creating powers of attorney

A power of attorney empowers an agent of your choosing to make critical decisions on your behalf. These decisions may cover your health care or finances, depending on the type of power of attorney you establish.

Expediting probate

Probate can take time and cost your loved ones a lot of money, but your lawyer might be able to help you find strategies to shorten or avoid the process.

Tailoring your estate plan

People generally have different assets, beneficiaries and situations, so no two estate plans should be completely identical. A lawyer can provide legal advice to help tailor your estate plan according to your specific requirements.

An estate plan performs a crucial role, and creating one is no simple matter. However, professional advice from an experienced attorney can help you navigate the complex process, enabling you to establish an estate plan that serves your intended purpose.

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