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When Can You Get A Tenant Out?

Depending on the cause of action you are pursuing to remove a tenant from your rental, the eviction process takes time, and it could be up to two months before you can rerent the apartment.

If the eviction is for nonpayment of rent, however, it can be instituted immediately without any notice to the tenant.

The court calendars in most southern New Jersey counties have about a three-week lead time. This means that after you file, you are likely not walking into a courtroom for at least three to four weeks. Once you are in the courtroom, it could be another two to three weeks before a tenant is locked out.

A tenant may delay proceedings by filing for:

  • Hardship
  • Bankruptcy

A tenant can create many obstacles to delay proceedings. Our lawyers have a track record of  helping landlords take charge of their rental units, while remaining in compliance with New Jersey’s stringent landlord-tenant code.

A landlord should prepare accordingly. Contact Robinson & Robinson, LLC, at 856-413-5791 if you are a landlord with questions about evicting a tenant.

What Should I Do If My Tenant Leaves Property In My Apartment?

After an eviction or a tenant has voluntarily vacated, the landlord is required to follow the Abandoned Property Act. This requires the landlord to wait 30 days from the date the tenant vacated before selling or disposing of property left behind, at the tenant’s expense.

The landlord must notify the tenant in writing that this may occur. If the Abandoned Property Act is violated, the landlord may be liable to the tenant.

We Can Help You Create A Proper Eviction Plan

At Robinson & Robinson, LLC, our experienced eviction attorneys meet the legal needs of landlords throughout New Jersey, as well as out-of-state clients seeking local representation.

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