Finding Solutions To Commercial Real Estate Issues

Disputes and issues involving commercial real estate can have a wide-reaching impact. They can affect a businesses success and result in the loss of potential profits. In order to minimize or eliminate the impact of real estate matters, turn to a knowledgeable lawyer.

Our Millville-based legal team at Robinson & Robinson, LLC, confidently handles all aspects of commercial real estate, as well as residential real estate, throughout the state of New Jersey. We represent businesses, developers, brokers and other entities in the pursuit of a conclusion to a wide variety of transactions, including sale of property, purchase of property, landlord-tenant matters, property development, commercial leases or other legal matters.

Contract Disputes

Businesses often find themselves in disputes with individuals and other businesses over the terms of a real estate contract. If a settlement cannot be reached through skillful negotiation, the alternative is litigation. Whether the case is heard by a judge and jury, or is handled through an avenue of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration, our firm provides the insightful, experienced commercial real estate litigation services your business needs.

Construction Issues

Whether they involve mechanic's liens or alleged construction defects, issues involving construction can become complicated. Our firm strives to address these issues as efficiently as possible, thoroughly investigating to get to the root of the matter and finding a creative solution.

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