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How To Challenge The Tax Bill

It is important for everyone to pay their fair share of taxes, but not more than they are required to pay. At Robinson & Robinson, LLC, our lawyers can help determine whether you qualify for a property assessment appeal.

If you have paid your first-quarter property taxes and any associated municipal charges, you may start the process of appealing your real estate taxes. The process is essentially the appeal of the value of your property because taxes are based on your county’s valuation of your property.

Each county in New Jersey has a unique formula to calculate property taxes. The tax amount cannot be appealed. The appeal is for the overall property value.

This means that the land and improvement components the value of your home and pool, for example — are valued for consideration during the appeal.

Evidence The County Tax Board Requires

You will need to provide an appraisal report of your property, along with persuasive evidence, for the appeal to be successful.

Market value evidence can include:

  • Photographs
  • Surveys
  • Cost data
  • Comparable sales of real property

The best evidence includes reports of the sales figures of similar properties near your home. Comparable assessments will not be accepted by the tax board as value evidence.

Let Us Help You Reduce Your Tax Bill

Taxes are among the biggest expenses of owning a home, but they may be reduced with a proper real estate tax appeal. At Robinson & Robinson, LLC, in Millville, our knowledgeable lawyers have a successful track record of helping our clients reduce their home’s property tax through a property assessment appeal.

Call us today at 856-413-5791 to speak with an experienced real estate attorney about the appeal process. We offer free consultations. You may also contact us using our online form.